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Originally Posted by AlsoFishes View Post
You are spreading nonsense again! According to the letter of the law, sub-12 ft/lb air rifles and sub/6 ft/lb air pistols do not come under firearms law! There are no rules in existance on S/A for them to fall under! That is why they are freely available to buy and there are even competitions for them, like 10m ISSF 5-shot falling target air pistol.
Have you actually read the Firearms Act, because you're wrong you know.

Section 5(1)(ab) makes semi-auto's a prohibited weapon AND it doesn't exclude air weapons from that definition.
(google it)

That means that ACCORDING TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW - SA Airguns are Prohibited.


If you read the HOC 68/97 (there's a picture above) it actually says the same thing.. it's basically saying that even though according to the letter of the amendment of the act it appears that SA airguns are prohibited, that wasn't the intention.. so they are not going to prosecute anyone for having one.

The fact that they aren't going to prosecute is the reason 10m ISSF 5-shot pistols are ok.. because they are not going to prosecute.

You're falling into the trap that I'm talking about.. "Word Play"

SA Airguns are ILLEGAL (technically - until they amend Section 5(1)(ab))
But.. you can have one and rest easy because the CPS don't intend to uphold the letter of the law for them.