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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
...But... if the CPS change their policy, then the literal interpretation of Statute says they are prohibited. The HOC 68/97 might help in your defence but it would depend on the judge and it's a risk I personally wouldn't want to take...
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I largely agree with your post Brian, and you do get to the nub of the argument. My discussions with HO and legal suggest that a literal interpretation should exlcude "air weapons". I'm reluctant to discuss it much further because it is becoming clear that some of the public discussions have been used to prepare rebuttals with a view to lobbying the HO.

Originally Posted by raygun View Post
...If that now changes it can only be concluded that it changed because of the actions of the GTA...

If we take the GTA position they've criminalised tens of thousands of shooters and made virtually all retailers guilty of selling Sec.5 weapons and being in breach of their own Code of Practice.
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Originally Posted by JasonGoldsmith66 View Post
I posted the above snip (can't remember where now!), but you can find the downloadable version Here

Or the full report here (pdf) > 23 July 1998 - FIREARMS CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE. NINTH. ANNUAL REPORT