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Hello members:

This is my very personal opinion and it may very well be different from the experience of other members...

Steyr is an excellent piece of equipment that is very user friendly and easy to service/repair...These guns are good shooters out of the box but I believe that there is some room for improvement.

The HFT is a variation of the LG-110 with a black barrel & frame and is very pretty...Steyr Nickel Pleates its competition LG-110's barrels for rust prevention and for looks and they do a great job, but Nickel Plating is a NO-NO because the plating adheres to the grooves and lands killing accuracy...Nevertheless, nickel plating wears off slowly and over time these barrels become alive and turn out into good shooters. I have no experience with the black finish on the HFT models...

The factory uses a "Touching Point" for stabilizing barrel harmonics...This touching point works like a charm if and only if it is well tuned (the exact amount of pressure) but many times this point becomes unstable as the temperature conditions vary from one extreme to the other.

My hunting gun came with a floated barrel and I used he FT version as it came from the factory with the touching point very successfully for a year until I changed the barrel for a longer and better shooting one....

The trigger is outstanding, no complains here and with a little patience and knowing what you are doing it can be tuned right at 1.5 -2 oz with reliability and consistency for BR shooting....I set mine right at 2 oz. and it is as reliable and consistent as the competition triggers I use in my .22 RF Benchrest rifles.

Steyr has used 450 and 550 mm long barrels, I saw no advantage other that gaining a little velocity (more shots per fill with the longer barrel), the additional time the pellet stays inside the barrel is negligible to be considered a detriment to accuracy and a longer barrel doesn't improve accuracy nor tames barrel harmonics better...

I have two of these Steyr rifles:
A LG-110 FT that came with a 450 mm barrel and an adjustable touching point and a Hunting model that comes with a magazine and a free floated barrel...

Both of these guns were very good shooters out of the box, both shot .500's + five shot groups at 50 yards...
Velocities in both of these guns had spreads of 9-10 ft. when shooting them right at 925 ft/sec (20 ft/lb).
Note: I live in the US and we use this velocity with 10.34 gr. JSB pellets for BR and FT shooting at 20 lb./ft.

While the the velocity spread is as good as it gets in top of the line rifles, it can be trimmed down by blueprinting and working with the regulator and hammer mechanisms, I was able to reduce the spread of my FT gun to about 2 ft/sec (see attachments for before and after spreads & min-max velocities shooting 10 shot groups)

The factory's Nickel Plated barrel shot consistent .500 - low .600 groups in both configurations: Using the touching point and free floated, but then I switched this original barrel for an excellent shooting barrel I had in another gun...I cut this new barrel to 550 mm, re-crowned and chambered it and used Cerakote for giving it that nice silver finish the original barrel has.

Note: I use this gun for BR and FT and it is very and I mean VERY, VERY accurate, it has a large sweet spot and is consistent and reliable...

Today I tuned it for a new batch of 10.34 gr. JSB's...I needed to adjust the velocity from 925 to 918-920 ft/sec and the results were the same as before: EXCELLENT !

I shot 3 five shot groups at 50 yards using my BR rest:
The first group with NO WIND turned out .170 ctc...Then I shot 2 more groups but by then I had some 5-8 MPH on-off winds from 10- 12 o'Álock and I am TERRIBLE at correcting for wind...

Groups 2 and 3 opened to .400 and .410 ctc respectively but I need to mention that the 3rd group up to the 4th shot was as good as the .170 ctc group, but then for some reason I shot a flyer (wind-finger or bad pellet)...
Note: I used pellets out of the tin can without any washing/lubrication or weighing...

I have 2 Feinwerkbau 10 M rifles: A Model 700 aluminum and a new 800...I actually like the aluminum 700 better but both are the best of the best shooting rifles I have ever shot at 10 M but both are useless for BR and FT.
In the past I modified a Basic 700 for FT use very successfully (modified it to 12 lf/ft ) and I published the results in this forum, but I did that because FWB abandoned FT guns when they dropped the P70 FT; now with the new 800 FT there is no need nor justification for experimenting.

FWB are excellent guns and I assume that the 800 is up to par with the best of the best, but in my opinion it is not as user friendly/serviceable as a Steyr...

Conclusion: I would not hesitate in getting a Steyr LG-110 in whatever version or configuration you like: FT, HP or HFT...They are all the same gun with different stocks, frame anodizing and barrel finishes.

Regards for all members,

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