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Same IDENTICAL Scopes but Re-Parallaxed to 9-10 yrds...Actually, for the last 2 years most of their NON FT models that I have seen are capable of 9-10 yrd parallaxing out of the box.

Sightron will Re-parallax your scope for $20.00 here in the US, but if you are in other country any person knowing how to do it can easily do it; it is a matter of moving the front objective a little outwards and the only trick is having the right tools and knowing how to move the front objective without damaging O ring seals, locking rings, etc.

If you look at the objective of your Scope you will see a locking ring with 2 slots, that has to be moved outwards in order to make the adjustment, but I recommend you to get somebody to do it for you as scratching the lens coating is very easy


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