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After thoroughly reading this thread there's a few things i have picked up on i have listed them in order of personal importance

1, Im with James O his suggestion of staying in bed is the bestest
2, Bri's lemon drizzle cake... There simply the best
3, I shoot the afternoon because its usualy the tougher session but you get some people who had a bad day who shot the morning try to tell you the am was harder and the wind has died.. (whos right) my opionion is that 8 outta 10 times the pm is tougher if i keep gaining more experience shooting in the wind it can only make me a better shot.
4, cant see 50 pegs flying weve just gone to 15 pegs from 30 in the nefta hunter comps and boy is it quicker that way... using 50 pegs would mean everyone would have to get there for 8 o clock am and we would all br leaving at 8o clock at night and them that want to shoot the sillies wont leave while 10 pm.
5, when i see a lump of wood stuck up out of the ground "peg" i get the sudden urge to start fires
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