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Default Wow

It never cieces to amaze me how out of proportion a thread can get.
I'm not dragging my lip , I'm not moaning because someone had an easier target than me,I don't have a 10m club close to me even if I am rubbish at standers .
I don't mind getting wet ,frozen , snowed on or sunburnt, I enjoy everything about ft including winding up people on here.
I simply asked a question which at the time seemed to be worth talking about, now everyone thinks I'm moaning.
Far from it , I just thought we had talked 5h#te about every other subject from best pellet to how to miss with an EV so why not session grades.
The wind compensation comment was a reference to sky jumping not shooting , but still a reference to an allowance being made for changing conditions.
😍 Simon
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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