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It's worth trying the Superfields to see if your rifle likes them, I use them on both my Daystates and I'm very happy with groupings I can get.
They're only available in 4.51 or 4.52 though
(unless you want to try to squeeze a 5.51 in if you like a really tight fit )

There was an article in AirgunWorld from July '09 about the RWS pellet making factory outside Nuremberg.

A lot of people talk about some pellets just being rebranded JSBs.
I think "made by JSB" doesn't mean the same thing as "lets's just make one type of pellet and put it in different branded tins"
Surely there would be different moulds for different customers, so even though they may look the same there will be very small differences between them.

There are some pictures somewhere on the web of different pellets, all supposed to be the same JSB, that have been cut in half. While the outsides all look similar the internal profiles are all slightly different.
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