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Originally Posted by saddler View Post

Which other sports get compensation for wind? Is there anything we can learn from their system?

PS. Not a pop at you Simon, just trying to have a discussion about the issues.
I don't know of any shooting sports that do...

The solution is simple, as floated by Mr D... if you want to shoot the championship for championship trophies, all scores count. You don't drop any. You have the choice of shooting AM or PM.

That way you can do it on targets hit, because you can't drop any.

Again I'm really not seeing what some are upset about. Is it because they think they'll drop a grade? If so, elect up. Problem solved.

What I can't see is anyone getting upset because they've been artificially been bumped on an easier session...? Why is that? It smacks of bottom lip dragging because one session had a score 4 targets out of 50 higher than another.

There's a simple way to get 100% guaranteed every shoot. Hit 50 targets within the rules.
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