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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
...Surely this would be a more accurate account of what took place on the day.
Back to the original post.
I'd agree that scoring sessions would probably be a more accurate reflection of what happened on the day, but I don't think you could then use those scores to determine a championship. They'd always be the whiff of "well he won it by shooting in the easy sessions..."

So, what do we do?
Feed on? By the time the later shooters got to shoot, then surely the same problem of changing conditions could come in to play.
And then there is always the "well he shot the bowl when there was no wind/rain/sun/snow" etc

How about grades have to shoot the same session? For example, A and C in the morning, all others in the afternoon? But then some people don't want to / can't shoot a particular session, or their mate is an A grade and they are AA and they travel together.

Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
...After all other sports get compensation for wind ,why not FT.
Which other sports get compensation for wind? Is there anything we can learn from their system?

PS. Not a pop at you Simon, just trying to have a discussion about the issues.
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