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Originally Posted by JasonGoldsmith66 View Post

Am sure HO officials will go Ape Banana's....or perhaps not ?
I shoudn't think the HO really give a monkeys. I don't think a few airgunners kicking off on the internet really spoils their morning coffee, especially as they've seemingly given clear guidance.

Either we'll get a clarification refering to the HO document to bolt the whole saga down, or we won't, in which case people can ally to what they feel most confident in. At least though there is the HO document, the CPS website and the BASC advice, plus published correspondence from FEO's. So personally I think it's in the GTA's court now.

I don't think you can force someone to sell you something they don't sell, so either way, if gunshops don't feel comfortable, they don't have to sell you one. However if they currently sell to the rest of the EU, then it may take someone's time to make a case around that. That however does assume they don't just spend their time on the internet talking about it. That's not aimed at anyone in particular, but it's par of the course that a lot of action these days is virtual. Which is perhaps why certain organisations make in roads, because instead of talking about it on an internet, they quietly just get on and do things.
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