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Smile Hello everyone...

The facts do seem abundantly clear.

1. The GTA are lobbying, possibly successfully, for a change in guidance.

2. That there is no change to written guidance currently in the public domain.

3. The firearms act is kept deliberately vague to allow for such action, or even prosecution, should a need arise. Section (b) of S5 is a good example.

4. The history of S/A for airguns (and pump like the early Skans) is a long one, and currently many S/A airguns are in use. Many examples have been cited previously - Drulov, C600 etc.

5. The only "need" that has arisen is in the minds of those lobbying for a change. There have been no "trev'd up Nova" incidents. No public outcry.

6. The person(s) lobbying against S/A do have a sincere belief that they are acting with the interests of the sport. I don't think that can be disputed - e.g. T.D. has been an ambassador for the sport for a long time and is a genuinely likeable, and generally well respected, individual.

The only thing left is to decide what evidence we have of the following;

a) Are the GTA capable of good prescience over shooting matters.

b) Is there a sufficient conflict of interest in their position to disbar them from trust in the eyes of the shooter in such matters given the facts (1-6) and the debatability of a) above.

I think (as indicated) that; a) is debatable. b) is self evident.

I don't think anyone would disagree that we, as a community, are required to sing from the same hymn book if we are to be effective in stopping the dismantlement of our sport.

I believe it is self evident that what the GTA are doing is dividing the house - and we all know a house divided cannot stand.

The choice is clear. Either fall in line and accept their lead. Or organise and oppose and bring them into line.

I'm not up for the first - and no-one here appears to be either - but other than venting spleen on the internet, how is the second to be achieved?

The BASC are on the case, shooters are on the case, cripes! even the HO seem to be on side - but the GTA are more (only?) likely to listen to it's membership; So what is to be done there?

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