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if David can shot good using one..... then anyone can

joking a side I have one now, & have done for about a month now.
I have sold my once proud daystate rifles ( well I have 2 left to sell off asap ) as it is that good, I would rate this steyr HFT I have at the moment 10/10 for me.
because there is so much adjustment it just suits & fits you right. however I am going to get mark sanderson to make me a new hamster, grip, cheek piece laminate stock work for it soon.
it can get very good groups at mixed ranges even for me, plus not to bad scores on the HFT ranges that I have been too.

I clean the barrel every 300 or so shots to keep it on par. its not that pellet fussy me thinks but I do not weigh or use lube etc I just get a tin of jsb's & use the pellets straight out of the tin. I could maybe get better groups if I did more testing of batch numbers & sizes but I happy with what I get now.

hope this helps a tad, kenny
My rifles are =
PCP: Steyr lg110 hft 2014, HW100 SK ( back up & rainy day rifle )
Springer's: HW77 ( 1980's version ), HW35 KLS.

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