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A load of things will have to happen before GTA or AMTA can even think about interfering in EU trade.
The law in the UK would have to change in a number of ways , which we all know would take years.
in the meantime they could threaten EU traders with veiled threats.
But then , immediately they are in real danger of diplomatic anger ( incident ) by the EU trade delegations.
They ( the EU ) will not hesitate in jumping on this
First port of call would be this , it's bean tried before in the Auto industry, and they lost big time.
Which takes a very dim view on = carteling-syndicating-pricfixing.
GTA-AMTA should be careful of what they wish for, look toward the bottom of the page the punishment for this is massive.
It could and probably would be concluded that if , free trade within the EU , so only UK could influence air gun trade ( unless UK law was changed ), , and prices, would fall foul of the above in some way.
The CMA makes for some interesting reading , does seam a bit odd that in EU shops, you can find a massive difference in prices for the same goods from shop to shop and country to country , that's why it's always worth while surfing , then asking if any one has dealt with said shop , if any one has had problems.
I think what was said in an earlier post that GTA-AMTA has / is loosing any and all credibility is very true , you just have to pop your head in on other forums to see that.
They should find a way of working with the EU rather that fight them.
Any and all information to CMA is in the strictest confidence.
Just stuck my head in on BBS , locked again , this time I can see why , that was a definite threat Rob Edge did there, no cause for that.
Amusing bit on Pimpmyairrifle under Steyr update.

Best by far a Royal Hussar

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