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I've had a chat with the Dutch JSB distibuter and he's given me trade price on JSB 4.52's (he can get any head size but not for a few months). I reckon the 4.52's will work out 65 quid a sleeve once i've factored in the travel costs of bringing them back and the 7.9gr EE's at 80 a sleeve. Obviously i can't post as the price will rocket and to be honest, will be a pain in the arris. But the good news is that we can still get the JSB's and if i bring enough back can keep large batch numbers.

I've ordered 100 tins of 7.9gr exact express (that's all he had at the moment) and 200 tins of exact 4.52 but might double or triple that order yet.

I've no problems with taking my car over on the Ferry once every 3 months and filling the boot.
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