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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think it's entirely reasonable for a trade body to check legality against the enquiries and contradictions they've received.

What is slightly puzzling is given the weight of documentation that appears to conflict with that position, why this hasn't been rebuked with something of equal weight.

Perhaps it will be very soon when the various heads have got together. BCCS?
The trade body (GTA) was there in 1997 when this problem arose and presumably took part in the discussion and was party to the solution. This attitude is not new to the GTA if Tony Belas is to be believed. Daystates reason for not producing the SA was that the H.O. had said they would immediately ban it. This was around 2002/3 so around the same time the FCC confirmed again they were legal. Perhaps the H.O.never said such a thing.

There has been no change in the advice since the GTA were party to that advice. If they were happy with it then, why not now. Maybe the fact they have lost their members business has something to do with it.