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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
The principle of all this is that the Home Office was approached by an organisation with it's own agenda to obtain a different interpretation from the existing one. This should never happen for a number of reasons.

Only one side is looked at.
Other interested parties have no input.
You could even ask if money had changed hands.

That's why anything of this nature should be open and transparent to all.

Terry Doe said he was awaiting the outcome of the talks then he was going to announce it on the BBS, really.
He was forced into his actions/replies by concerned people contacting BASC. He was never going to do any such thing.

There is one thing for sure. Whatever the outcome of this we know that the GTA and Terry Doe have lost all credibility. Of course he will have all kinds of excuses as to why they did it, but he always has excuses, usually the "secret squirrel" type. There's a good reason but we can't tell you. Come and see me and I'll tell you
You'll never be able to record or publish it, neither must you tell anyone else.

About time us customers started to make our voice known and stop the tail wagging the dog.

"he will have all kinds of excuses"

Bang on! One only has to look at his excuses (possibly reasons) for not sitting his 11+ and final exams: (

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