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This entire business has little do with lethality, drive by shootings, the situation in New Zealand, or any inner compulsion to protect shooters from their own foibles.

It's been brought about by the fact that there is a burgeoning demand for semi auto air rifles in the UK, witnessed by the number that have been and are being imported, without any intervention from HMRC or the Border Agency.

These rifles are mainly up there at the expensive end of the spectrum; high spec guns = high profits.

Far from wanting to see SA restricted, the GTA really wants the green light from the HO to clear up any possible misunderstandings legally; they will be pressing for the clarification proposed years ago to be implemented as soon as possible, as they want to have a share of this growing market, and they don't want Johnny Foreigner cleaning up.

I can foresee a Chamberlain-esque wave of the paper, not peace in our time, but freedom to supply and own SA, negotiated for you by those good chaps at AMTA and GTA.

We might even see SA competitions being sponsored.