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Sometimes reports turn up some "little gems".

In the above report you can look who actually made up the membership of that years Firearms Consultative Committee.
This is the committee that discussed the legality of sub12FPE semi-auto's. Graham Widdecombe the top firearms bod from the Home Office was on it so would have input and first hand knowledge of the problem within the Firearms Act that they were trying to resolve.

Also on that committee was a gentleman called Mr B Carter. Now Mr Carter was actually a Director of the GTA.
Now either he did not understand what was being discussed, he was deaf or more realistically he fully understood what was being discussed and also knew the outcome.

Given that the GTA had a member on the FCC when all this was discussed why did they now have to ask for it to be clarified again, but with a different result.

Oh! what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.