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Hi Ray
I on this SA subject will apologise to TD if they are found to be illegal! but also state that the GTA Legality meeting! which TD is telling everyone which took place between them and HO, If this is not true and no such agenda was discussed the GTA should also apologise to TD as its he who has stated this was the true content of the meeting!
We cannot deny or confirm this neither can he! I have asked on BBS forum for the GTA or any of its members who attended the so called LEGALITY MEETING to publish or make public [ FORUM ETC] to show us the minutes of the meeting. Think this is a fair approach and would give them the opportunity to show us that they have our best interests at heart
I honestly don't think I will get a reply from either a TRADE MEMBER or GTA but will keep you informed on this subject. It was never my intention to get personal with TD[ apart from spelling his surname wrong DOA in stead of DOE! and if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen is my motto democracy IS A WONDERFULL THING AND WILL CONTINUE TO AIR MY VIEWS ON ANY FORUM I AM A MEMBER OF NOT BE TOLD BY ANYONE WHICH FORUM I CAN POST ON