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Hi Brian,
It's all part of the GTA/AMTA thing of seemingly picking and choosing which bits of the law they wish to follow or put their interpretation on.

When AA were told of the problems with their short barreled rifles, instead of just putting a warning up on their website that you should ensure it stays below 12, they altered their spec sheet (which has now vanished) to say unit length.

Terry Doe claimed that shrouds etc counted towards barrel length. Again when asked the Home Office stated it's barrel only.

The position of sub 12FPE semi-auto's is only the subject matter. What is important is that an unelected and biased body (the GTA) has attempted to alter/change the position a certain rifles takes legally. This with no reference whatsoever to any shooter representative body.

Again we have to thank the GTA for highlighting just how much money we can save from buying within the E.U.
I can't say that I would be happy if I was a member of the GTA. It will be interesting seeing how they get that particular "Genie" back in the bottle.