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30/60 applies to Sect 1

If a sub12 goes over it then takes on sect 1 rules, you would be deemed owning a sect 1 without an appropriate license to cover it.

Now if a sub12 that falls foul of the 30/60 rule (which remember they do NOT have to comply with) goes over it can not be sect 1 as it does not comply with sect 1 rules.

So it becomes sect 5

Its that simple

If a semi auto regardless of barrel length went over 12fpe it would also fall foul of the sect 1 it would also be sect 5
However sub 12 as you rightly say it is exempt from sect 1 rules.

I won't go in to barrel shrouds and true barrel length as that takes us off topic to much.

So...there are plenty of people taking the risk right now that their perfectly legal sub12 rifles with sub 30cm barrels will become sect 5 classed if they go over power...people look happy to do this.
I see no reason why those same people would not be happy owning a S/A with the same sect 5 risk applied.

What ****** me off the most is the way Doe and the GTA have conducted themselves here, no consultation with the shooter, no consultation with present S/A rifle owners, no consultation with present S/A pistol owners. they just bullishly walk in and ask for a back door ban.

Poor form

Utterly poor form imo