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Originally Posted by AlsoFishes View Post
Why would someone want to ban speed air pistol competitions in GB like 5m falling target shot across Europe with semi/auto air pistols without any problems? Are brits not capable of owning "arms" if you can actually call an air pistol a "weapon" like all other Europeans can without harassment?
If Nanny really wants to ban puny semi-auto air pistols then the line is being crossed.
The letter of the law refers to air guns as "Weapons", Section 5(1)(ab) doesn't have an exclusion for Air Weapons as the other paragraphs do, so if a judge were to be presented with that information they would have no alternative than to make a judgement that SA air weapons are prohibited section 5.

The thing that would put forward a very persuasive argument that it wasn't the intention of Section 5(1)(ab) to ban SA airguns is something tangible, quotable and publically available.

Preferably HO Guidance, the FCC report if anyone can find it online might not put forward such a strong case, and something on the BASC website even less.

So... regardless of all the conspiracy theories.. does anyone have anything tangible, quotable and publically available that supports the case that the intention of Section 5(1)(ab) wasn't to include air weapons?

That HOC 68/97 would be useful, but it looks like that's not publically available and it's just something that people have cut and pasted onto a forum. That wouldn't stand up too well in front of a judge.

Has anyone got anything that would stand up in court?