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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
Hi Brian,
Someone has posted 68/97 either on this thread or the BBS one or both.

I don't have a link for the FCC report but they are on-line.
The CPS directive is on the BASC website

Graham Widdecombe is a senior HO firearms person and not only put his name to the 68/97 HOC but was also a member of the FCC.
Should the H.O. now have a change of heart they should make it public as to why. They have held a view for 18 years, why change it now ?

I'm just trying to find the actual official documents.

According to the Government website there wasn't an FCC annual report issued in 2000

You have the tenth annual report issued in 1999 and the eleventh annual report issued in 2002 - since there's no gap between 10 and 11, it looks like there's no such thing as the FCC annual report 2000

I'm looking specifically for something tangible, quotable and available publically that supports the claim that the intention of Section 5(1)(ab) wasn't to include air weapons. Something that would stand up in court.

Is there anything like that available?