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Default Forums will get nothing done?

Yep, 1 poor shoot wont effect grades that much at all.

I still have (I think) my Rivi score on my rolling 20 as I slipped up and handed my card in there lol

Thats the beauty of the rolling 20, it is a good balance over a period of time and the 1 off exceptional score, poor or a win usually don't have too much of a big impact on a shooters grade.

Points is different. Jack or anyone could have elected either session. Luck of the draw
All AA in 1 session? Not workable
50 lanes per gp, very few clubs will want to put that on so it will be same old same old, which for me would ruin the "series."

Not broke, don't fix.
perhaps learn to shoot in the wind better is best answer to the problem?
BFTA Grading Question to

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