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Well I've been muted, plus banned from the for sale section there for contradicting Terry Doe on that thread. It is absolutely crystal clear that SA is absolutely legal.
Over the years I have also formed the distinct impression that there is something fishy about how the airgun industry is controlled in GB. The word "Cartel" springs to mind.
I now wouldn't buy a GB manufactured airgun on principle. Fortunately I don't live in GB any more anyway.
BTW.Just had a used Weihrauch stolen by ParcelForce. Had another one stolen in a burglary about 3 years ago so I am now ordering another HW80 for 2/3 the GB cost new from Germany delivered to my door here. I suggest you folk wise up to the fact that quality rifles, pistols and equipment can be got direct from Europe cheaper and you don't have to rely on AMTA/GTA members at all.
I for one can't wait for even these chinese ones to hit EU shops, 6 pages of them here:
I already had 2 CP1s sent from Holland for 65 quid each delivered.

"The trade" are browning their pants from all the competition and want to have things in GB further restricted for the same reason they had the 12 ft/lb limit and AT imposed on us:
So foreign manufacturers have to make their exisiting guns GB compliant or not bother selling them to GB GTA/AMTA members.
Members of GB gun trade associations should become aware that Cartels are illegal, never mind SA. I suspect that many shops are not too keen on being members anyway.