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Originally Posted by andythilo View Post
After a bit of a debacle with the gun, finally got some range time to put her through her paces. Cleaned the barrel thoroughly with a Napier kit and put about 150 pellets through it. I was given some JSB exact 4.51's and they seem really good.

My only gripe is the trigger 1st stage, it's far too long. However the instructions for trigger adjust say not to touch it as its factory set? Any ideas? Or should I call BSA?
The let of point of the trigger cannot be adjusted forwards or backwards without repositioning the hammer sears position in the hammer but you can shorten the length of the first stage by limiting the amount the trigger travels forward from the sear release point. To do this tighten the grub screw infront of the finger pad that can be seen deep up between the trigger and the end of the bottom sear. The one on the bottom of the sear with a lock nut on it only limits the depth of sear engagement so if the second stage release is not creepy or too heavy don't tighten this one.

Come to think of it the trigger itself can be slid forwards or backwards on the GS as it is mounted on a rail, this would have a similar effect to being able to alter the position of the let off point.
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