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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Of course Jack knows he's AA but he's still 10 points % down!
Yes, but that's points for the GP series.

We were talking about grading

Different thing entirely.

One is for paperweights, the other is to predict what grade of paperweight you should get next season. Jack knows he's AA, so he shoots AA no matter if he gets 80% 20 times on the trot, which is what it would take to get him into A grade.

Seriously Si, one shoot where you're 10% off what you normally are will make 0.5% difference to your grade, even being 40% off, you'll only be 2% off, and if that small margin convinces a shooter that they need to drop down to a lower grade because they're sitting on the cusp then I think they'll be defining what people call ringers.

Perhaps shooters should never be allowed to go back down. There problem solved.
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