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Hi Rob,
I do think that it's mostly facts that have been posted on here. Facts that are checkable by anyone.
The 68/97 HOC, FCC Report from 2000, multiple recent communications on the matter from the Home Office.

The GTA have attempted to get SA banned and have been caught with their pants down. It's just a great pity that they weren't caught in 1968 on the 12FPE limit and in 2007 with the Anti Tamper excercise.
Today we are lucky enough to have Boards like this where these problems can be raised and discussed.

Why shouldn't airgunners discuss this type of problem where it directly affects them. I don't recall voting for AMTA, the GTA or even Terry Doe to represent my interests. On their current performance I never will

The GTA/AMTA have manufactured/sold potential Section 5 air rifles where if they go over 12 they become S5.
AA TXHC, Prosport, BSA Ultra, Theoben Fenman to name just some. No warning to customers. They should know the law but have in this case decided to ignore it for the sake of profit.
If sub 12FPE rifles are illegal then what of the sub 6FPE semi pistols the "Trade" have been selling. As far as I am aware the same SI applies to both rifles and pistols (with different limits).

Just who has been selling us Section 5 pistols then?