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Tried to upload PDF onto BBS but cant for some reason , its stinks to be honest and Mr Doa stating that they S/A ARE ILLEGAL yet GTA has had meeting with the HO WTF for then if they are illegal !!
I have asked Mr Doa if GTA would make public the minutes of the meeting between the GTA and HO as they have our best interests at heart don't think I would get a reply, He is getting rattled a bit as I asked him did he voice an opinion to stop S/A BEING IMPORTED. He comes back with a quote we will see who is right GTA or BASC I for one know who I would trust. Then he brings up a drive by crime in NZ HE NEEDS TO GET REAL AND TRY FOR HIMSELF STICK A AIR RIFLE OUT OF A MOVING CAR ANT TRY AND HIT A BARN DOOR WITH A SUB 12FT/IB AIR RIFLE