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I think someone on the BS is telling Porkies.

If there was confusion over the 68/97 HOC then the same confusion must have existed when the same statement was made by the Firearms Consultative Committee in 2000 when it was reiterated.

Although the Home Office has stated numerous times in the last few years that sub 12FPE semi-auto's are excluded from licencing requirements and are legal it appears that this confusion still exists.

Now who is it that is confused.

Not the people who have brought them in.
Not the more informed airgunner.
Not Customs and Excise (or is that now the Border Agency) who have allowed them in (yes they will have asked the H.O.)
Not the Home Office.
Not the CPS.

Perhaps it's just the GTA and AMTA that are confused.
Perhaps we should ease their confusion and buy from elsewhere whenever possible.