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Many sincere thanks to Mr Jasongolsdmith66 for posting the HO circular 68/97

This is the CPS guidance: -

Go to: Definitions of Firearms and Air Weapons > Air weapons

This is the response I received asking if the above-mentioned CPS guidance is still valid:-

Campbell Grant
From: Lassman Adam []
Sent: 30 April 2015 13:32
To: ''
Subject: FW: Semi Automatic sub 12 foot pound energy air rifles.
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Dear Mr Grant,
The CPS link is still valid and has not been superseded.
The HO guidance does not mention semi-automatic air rifles specifically, but this is implicit whenever the
guidance mentions air rifles.
A semi-automatic air rifle which has an energy rating of under 12 foot lbs does not need to be on a
I hope that this helps.

Would someone who is not banned from the "other" forum, please give them the facts.

Please forgive me, but how much clearer can it effing get?

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