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Originally Posted by doc View Post
happy new year!!!

sorry guys,
the rules that you have checked were valid for 2009.
we already have the new rulebook for 2010 which incorporates the solutions for differences between the wftf and the hfta rules.
it is going to be displayed soon on our renewed webpage...
I am sure this will all become clear soon enough, but surely the CORE RULES stand. Unless of course there has been a vote by member NGBs to change a core rule as stated in the constitution. I suppose the core rules could be seen as not being part of the constitution but it would seem pointless having core rules if they can be changed without a majority vote.

'The Constitution of the Federation may only be changed at the end of each management period, and then only by a simple majority agreement of the member NGB’s.'

I guess there are lots of things that need to be 'tidied up' in our little world of FT, but hey I don't think we are doing too badly so far.

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