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We are very aware of the letter from the GTA, copies were kindly forwarded to me by several members last week. Why the GTA have suddenly taken this view, and chosen to go public at this time is a mystery.

May I respectfully suggest that its not the best thing to do, to raise the prospect of banning some types of airguns just when a new parliament has been elected...

Surely, logic says that the amendments to the Firearms Act that were made in 97 referred to those firearms that had been held under Section 1. So pistols / handguns were prohibited unless muzzle loaders, and semi automatic rifles were banned except for 22rf

There was no intent for this to impact on sub 12 / 6 air rifles / pistols

Its true that the 97 amendment was rather clumsy in its wording in parts, which caused confusion hence the Home office circular later that year that sort to clarify, and this was further clarified by the CPS.

Its been said on another forum that BASC don't make the law, that's very true, nor does AMTA, GTA or indeed the Home Office! The law is changed and made through Parliament, and there have been no changes to the 97 act in the regard of airguns SA , pump action ect.

I note on another forum where this was being debated in light of the GTA newsletter, the thread was locked last night when questions were being raised as to who went to the HO and why, reasonable questions but I guess that moderators can take their own view on when to shut a thread

As and when I get any further updates on this subject i will of course let you all know.