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The Home Office Circular (HOC) that they quote, 68/97 does tell you why they (the Home Office) have reached the conclusion that sub 12FPE semi's are LEGAL.

It appears that the GTA can't even find evidence that proves their point. Instead they use a HOC which disproves it

I'm glad I'm not paying any fees to the GTA, with a performance like that.

Note. That HOC is from 1997. So from then the Home Office has never had a problem with sub 12FPE semi-auto's. Anything said differently from that are airgun trade lies.

What the GTA has done for us is highlight the fact that we can purchase air guns from the rest of the E.U,. at favourable prices for ourselves, delivered to our door.
If I was a member of the GTA I would be furious with them.