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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
I see that I have been mentioned in dispatches on the BBS.

Yes it's true that I have been banned for life. There are of course reasons for that.

The Moderator calling himself Jackel decided he would put a couple of posts up inciting violence against myself.
I still have a record of these posts.
Being a FAC holder Jackel should not be acting in such a manner and I was seriously considering reporting him to his Licencing Authority. That, along with my disagreement of Anti Tamper meant that I received a life ban.
After due consideration I decided not to report the matter. Perhaps I should review that decision.

I am quite happy to be a non-member of an Archant run Forum that censors any posts they don't feel fit in with AMTA policy. It's just a pity that more members of that BBS don't seek out the truth.

I too was banned on the same day. When I asked why, I was not given a reason for the ban.