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Originally Posted by oldtanky7642 View Post
Yep, apparently ( and don't take this as gospel truth , as I cant confirm this third hand news ) some twit phoned the home office and told them he was worried that some one might do a drive by shooting with one.
With a rifle , oh for frack sake grow up , a pistol may be , but a rifle , how many illegal powder burner pistols out there ? which people could use to better affect.
Pellets are affected by the slightest wind , could you imagine trying to hit a barn door , travelling at speed holding three foot of air rifle out the window , bouncing about in a car.
If any one has fact and not fiction from BASC post it up will you please.
"some twit" You are being too polite!

The above-mentioned argument to try and ban SA air guns is pathetic.

Rest assured though, BASC are on the case.