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lol i know who it is lol. There is a few positive moves forward on the FT and in HFT in Scotland at the moment which is all good maybe some hft shooters may do it as a second sport. The hard thing for FT in my opinion is getting new blood into the sport in Scotland due to cost of the kit mainly the cost of scopes etc.

ie MPR plus a secondhand big nikko bean bag a bottle to charge rifle gun bag etc probably cost around 1100 or 1200 most newbies do not want to spend that kind of cash straight out.

So most of the new blood is going down the HFT route at the moment just my observations and like jon said only 2 clubs which have dedicated FT shooters in them.

So FT in Scotland has to think of things how to make it easy for the newbies This could be different in England.
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