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Originally Posted by SDplinker View Post
Brian how much vertical adjustment do they have? As I make a concerted effort to build my rig and shooting position I'm seeing that being able to move the butt up and down is super useful

You can move it down more than you can move it up.. can't remember the measurement though - enough to cope with what you'll need (probably)

The design of the hook and shoulder part mean that if you ever do run out of adjustment, they will rotate around your shoulder anyway.

When I designed it, it was just shortly after Germany and I made sure there was enough adjustment to handle the sort of extreme angles encountered there. The GP in Wales last year has similar angles to Germany and it was ok for that. (hamster depth and POI differences were the problems there for springer shooters).

Interestingly and coming back to the topic of this post.. I noticed that all the springer shooters who shot in Wales with their hand cupping their knee and rifle cradled between thumb and fingers (Me and Nick M for example) all did fine on the extreme downhill shots, but we struggled on the uphill shots.

Steve Privett on the other hand (who shoots over arm) handled the uphill shots fine, but struggled on the downhill shots.

That's something to take into consideration - if you shoot overarm you're going to find it difficult to adapt that position for an extreme downhill shot, but you'll be able to get enough depth to take the uphill ones easily.

My solution for that problem is to fit a Rowan adjustable forend so I can get the stock depth for the extreme uphill shots. I have noticed that I get some additional flip on the extreme uphill shots too, so I need to aim lower than a PCP shooter would do for those type of shots. Not ideal, but manageable.
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