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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
It's not necessarily the final route that's important, the journey taught me a lot

I know you're a returning former AA shooter so you're no muppet at this game, but springer shooting can drive you nuts, and looking for an advantage with some exotic tune will eat into your life.

The original route I took which won me the GP series and a close 2nd place at the 2013 World Champs was...... A heavy stock and Standard Mk1 internals (minus the steel top hat) plus lots of practice.

I've since gone down the route of mucking around with tuning to see if I could improve things including ally pistons, o rings, custom lightentened steel pistons, custom bearings, I've gone through 4 comp tubes to find the best one, tried exotic lubes, a dozen different springs, steel guides, delrin guides, ally guides, mucked around with piston weight and pre-load to find the perfect balance for 8.4 JSB's, tried HW piston heads, tried LGU seals, shortened TP's, extremely short strokes.

Basically, I've done a fair bit of dicking around to get to where I am

What I've learned from that journey is :
  • Never ever, ever - try someone else's springer. They always feel nicer than your own.
  • Never judge a springer by what it feels like or sounds like - can you hit stuff, that's the bit you're interested in.
  • I don't think I'd hit less targets if I just swapped back to standard Mk1 internals.
  • If the time spent tuning your gun causes you to spend less time actually shooting it, you're wasting your time.

If someone had given me that advice 2 years ago I probably would have ignored it. But that's what the journey has taught me. Actually, Nick Murphy and Rob Long both told me the same thing in their own way and I did ignore them mostly.

My final route is - either a lightened steel piston, shortened TP, HW piston head plus LGU seal and a 77mm stroke. Or - ally piston, rare purple macarri seal, short TP and 81mm stroke.

I wouldn't bother with an ally piston again, it was too light and I've ended up adding weight so that now my ally piston is about the same weight as a lightened steel piston.

Welcome to springer shooting, it'll drive you fricking nuts
Thank you for the excellent and considered answer.
All the best.
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