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Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
I suppose that being a basically lazy git when it comes to long tests, I get the gun out of the box, feed it with JSB Exacts (mainly 452's) till it has bedded in then shoot a practice card, I tried floated and non floated barrel on the Steyr but did not try floating the FTP, I just never got as comfortable with the FTP stock as I do with the HFT. If I was you I would save the money on the target stock until you see how you get on with the out of the box one. The new Air Arms hamster is pretty useful as well as it has a nice flat base.
Yeah, that's what i'll be doing. As the ones I've tried have been adjusted for others and didn't feel comfortable, so once I get my own and adjust it to my liking it might be fine as it is. Only if I can't get on with the standard one will I get a custom stock. ( prob a gary cane)

Niloc, how do you find the hft500 trigger compared to the ftp900 ?

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