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Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
Personally I have got better bench rest scores with my HFT500 than I got with either an LG110 Steyr or an FTP900

Don't ask me why it is but my scores cannot lie. BTW our internal bench rest comp is 50 shots at 25yds, can't remember the ring size.
That is what 5 members at our range said and swapped from ftp900's to hft500's. I only have slight doubts as I wasn't around when they were testing them both so couldn't see the exact conditions ie was best pellets found for both guns, was the FTP tried with a floating barrel etc.
but all that said, including yourself that's six people who shoot benchrest saying that the hft500 is more accurate. I'm thinking I should get a hft500 and with the money saved get a custom fitted target stock with the pistol grip and Palm shelf I like ( best of both worlds then:-)
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