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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
yes I have , its dependant on your barrel and pellet combo on both , once you've got that sorted I don't think you will find much difference worth worrying about , tbh its probably down to what fits you best , the trigger is MUCH better on the ftp and that adds a whole lot of difference to the accuracy in my book
That's good news as it happens , gonna try a px for an FTP with my 500!
That's what I wanted to hear, I like the ftp900 fit and visuals better and a good trigger is a must for me. It was just that our benchrest comps require 30 shots through 30 4.6 mm bull's .The top shots at the club swapped the ftp900s for the hft500s saying they were more accurate and some of the older ones also commented on the ftp weight which doesn't bother me. I so want to be convinced that the Ftp is the way to go but the evidence at the club says otherwise.
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