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Originally Posted by Martz View Post
I think they're hold sensitive, to some degree or another. I get about 15fps less over the chrono with a vice like grip compared to a normal hold, if hold can change the power, surely it can change the POI? I'm not saying I alternate my hold between normal and vice like on a course, but due to the nature of a course, how you're doing etc, you're bound to hold the gun differently IMO.

I tend to ignore the first 10 or so shots on the plinking range too, as I won't be relaxed end the POI doesn't quite fall where it should.

If you think about all the movement taking place when you pull the trigger, its a wonder any targets fall down at all.

100%. When you think that a skin bag of bones, fluids and blubber is trying to hold this thing in one place, exactly the same from shot to shot and can (sometimes) do so consistently enough to group under an inch at 55 yds. Amazing really.

I'm convinced there is "something" varying in the way I hold the rifle that is a marked difference between a good shot and a completely rubbish one. I have yet to nail this down. With a perfect shot, the crosshairs hardly move, (the POA jumps a little, but generally stays in the kill) and comes to rest on the same aim point give or take a few mm. With a bad shot I lose the kill, and the crosshairs end up generally some way off to the left of the POA.

I thought it was just butt/shoulder positioning and bought the hook, fitted it, and the next day went out and won piston class at the last GP... incidentally beating the hook's creator. Wayhay, thought I, got it sussed now!

Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Just when you think you've got it all figured out... that's when you get a good old kick to the bollocks.
Yup! There then followed a sequence of mediocre winter league scores. Surprise surprise, the hook wasn't a magic bullet. It is still a great bit of kit though Bri.

So what is this something? I think it has to be a combination of factors. Butt/shoulder positioning is one. Another is I think I have a bad habit of pulling the butt into the shoulder with the pistol grip, picked up when shooting a Steyr, that creeps back occasionally without me noticing until I've missed a target or three. The forend resting on my gloved hand is pretty consistent in the same place, and there is no gripping involved just the rifle resting on it via gravity. All I can come up with for the rest of the difference is some difference muscle tension affecting follow through.
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