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Originally Posted by Martz View Post
It will go one of two ways.

A) You will hit stuff. The gun will feel amazing, you'll wonder why people bother with PCP's, you'll be able to place your pellet by thought alone, you'll even consider naming it and handing it down as a family heirloom.

B) You will miss stuff. The gun will feel like a twangy mess, placed upon this earth to torment you and rattle your teeth. No amount of trigger of follow through will steer the pellet near the cross hairs. You will fear tripping the sear.

It's worth noting that Gun A = Gun B.
LOL Thanks for that. I have already been down this route before and gave in. I had a choice of PCP's to fall back on then though!
This time I am starting back up with a springer so that I am not able to compare my scores in AA grade where I left off, it's going to be a fresh start.
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