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I'll be sending an email but I doubt it'll have much effect.

Given that AA rifles are probably the best selling rifles in the UK (might be wrong but I doubt it) and that people who aren't as well informed will probably plump for the AA pellets to go with their AA rifles I can't see a hundred (if we're lucky) complaints are going to shift the mind of JSB.

The other thing to think about is that it might not be JSB's doing. I have no information that leads me to think the following and it's purely speculation and may not be correct but AA are probably a customer with quite a bit of oomph and if they and Daystate decided to put the arm on JSB then JSB might consider it worth their while to go along with that. Like I said I've no reason to think that's the case but it's one of the many possibilities.

I wondered about the legality of refusing to sell to Paul myself but I'm no lawyer.

I might give the RWS a go. I believe some have had success putting those through a Pro Target
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