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Originally Posted by Martz View Post
Brian watched me on the sillies a while back and noted my butt plate was barely touching my shoulder, and asked if I'd considered a 3D printed hook (ever the salesman ).

10 turkeys at the NEFTA suggests no hook isn't a bad thing

It was that which got me musing to Mr Zenny over a cup of tea at the burger van. I was scoring Helen while you were on the racks, so saw where your butt was at. Mega result.

With the hook, I find it has to be spot on naturally level with the target, without me forcing a position or me forcing it into my position... otherwise it becomes tricky to get good release and follow through. That's with a very well fitting butt. The rubber ones probably do give much more accommodation without adjustment.

I'm starting to run out of rail though on my hook. I need more for kneelers, especially high ones... i could raise it another cm or 2, but the rail would touch my ear on level or downhill shots. I'm hoping a rowan may give me some adaptability, but i need the stock to settle before that goes on.
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