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Originally Posted by Martz View Post
I think they're hold sensitive, to some degree or another. I get about 15fps less over the chrono with a vice like grip compared to a normal hold, if hold can change the power, surely it can change the POI? I'm not saying I alternate my hold between normal and vice like on a course, but due to the nature of a course, how you're doing etc, you're bound to hold the gun differently IMO.

I tend to ignore the first 10 or so shots on the plinking range too, as I won't be relaxed end the POI doesn't quite fall where it should.

If you think about all the movement taking place when you pull the trigger, its a wonder any targets fall down at all.


I know what you mean. There's a period between release and the blurry shake where you are at a dead loss and it feels like eternity to see the result. That said, last night i was able to see shots going into paper on 50x now and then.

I don't think my hold varies that much on my grip, probably because I really have to concentrate on good release and follow through, and not snatch it. I've gone all OCD with position, but after we appeared to fix her last night, to be honest it didn't matter how I did it.

Haven't tried that chrono thing. Will do though.
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