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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Don't know. I shoot mine the same as I shoot my pcps.

I'm really of the opinion that certainly with my rig, there's no hold sensitivity, it's the rig shifting. I do wonder how many others assume it's them and not the guns.
I think they're hold sensitive, to some degree or another. I get about 15fps less over the chrono with a vice like grip compared to a normal hold, if hold can change the power, surely it can change the POI? I'm not saying I alternate my hold between normal and vice like on a course, but due to the nature of a course, how you're doing etc, you're bound to hold the gun differently IMO.

I tend to ignore the first 10 or so shots on the plinking range too, as I won't be relaxed end the POI doesn't quite fall where it should.

If you think about all the movement taking place when you pull the trigger, its a wonder any targets fall down at all.

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