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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post

I'll have to wait until I get a set and measure the O rings.
what reg is it chum ? i might have some .....

kent bearings rochester .....thats who i use,.... nitrile 70 or 90 .......viton to if you want .
Karl is the chap there .....proper good egg !

also .
orings i have found are unfortunately like pellets , a certain batch of a certain size may be slighteyl tighter or looser than another .

it don't matter too much if its just crushing between 2 surfaces, but if a sliding fit like on reg piston , it could give sticky or leaky performance.

the oring factory near me use a super camera type measuring device for size control ....
when you find ones that work a few !
or use original , someone's hopefully done the hard work for you
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