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Originally Posted by Nick G View Post
I had some trouble when I first fitted a warren Edwards stock to my tx, tightening the stock bolts would alter my poi. I cured it by, drilling the main stock bolt mounting out to about 15mm, and making an aluminium pillar that was a dead fit in this hole, I then sized its length so when the bolt is tightened into it there is about a .010" nip, this pillar locates the stock fore and aft , and ensures its tightened the same amount every time its fitted.
hey Nick G,
i read this as your action fits the stock at the rear pillar , and also snugs down at an area up front , but is only held by the pillar mounting.

did altering the tightness of the mounting bolt have an effect on your poi ?
are you therefore relying on consistency of tightness of the mounting bolt to hold zero ?
do you lose zero if the stock swells or contract due to atmospherics.?
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